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Stamping (Tera)
Weighing scales used must be accurate and approved for trade use. Weighing equipment used for trade purposes must be ’passed as fit for use for trade’. In addition to your new scale purchase, which is inculsive of stamping, we also provide re-stamping annually. Please contact our Customer Support Division for a free consultation.

You should note the following regarding common problems with scales:
Scales can give incorrect readings because of poor practice or misuse:
  • It is most important to use scales on a level surface; most will incorporate a level indicator device, so make sure it reads level.
  • Scales must be correctly balanced before use, with any indicators reading zero (on electronic scales, the digital indications should not be blank prior to weighing). If the scale does not start at zero, incorrect readings may be given.
  • Strong draughts, caused by a breeze or air conditioning systems, can affect some scales. Make sure you consider these problems when sighting the scale.
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